MarcusWORD presents...New York City artist Eric Black | Limited Edition signed and numbered
New York City artist Eric Black
Eric Black

Eric Black is an artist born and raised in New York City. Energetic motion, scenic environments, and individuality are emphasized in his unique style. Eric’s art is a fusion of his talents and interests. Being a master of both fine and digital art, Eric creates works that brings these two loves of his together. He uses his talent as an outlet to examine and make predictions about the evolving world around us. Using scientific theories, myth, and the human experience as a base for his creations, Black provides a new blueprint for imagination, a form of evolved creativity, a chaotic montage of ideas, images, sounds and possibilities.

Eric Black founded RobotPegasys in 1999.


to see more of his work.

With the launch of MarcusWORD, Eric Black has created 17 designs with a limited edition print run of 100 each. The Eric Black signature  design is #2 in that collection. You can purchase that at a special price today.


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