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Marcus Peblo
Marcus Peblo is back!

Marcus Peblo (pronounced Pee-blow) is a baby gladiator, a spiritual warrior destined to save the world. Armed with a magical key and blessed with the powers of an ancient fire bird, he fights against an ambitious young demon named Ci-per (pronounced Si-per). 

Marcus hopes to end Ci-per’s reign of terror by engaging his minions in an artistic battle.

Although very young, Marcus has the heart of a champion and the spirit of the legendary phoenix fused within his body. Marcus also has bright glowing eyes that rarely blink and he yearns to find his missing parents. Let the glowing feather he wears on his head be a warning to all villains and nasty creatures. Beware Peblo is on the prowl.

Hopefully Marcus will be reunited with his lost parent and restore peace to the universe.

With the launch of MarcusWORD, Eric Black has created 17 designs with a limited edition print run of 100 each. The Marcus Peblo design is #3 in that collection. You can purchase that at a special price today.

Marcus Peblo


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