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MarcusWORD words transformered into art.

We are surrounded by consonants and vowels, which swirl us into a world or words. Let your imagination explode as Marcus Peblo takes the names of everyday objects, cultural icons, favorite place and more and turns them in colorful artwork. Don’t see a word listed? Submit your words to Marcus Peblo and watch the magic unfold.

Actions: Marcus Peblo kicks verbs into art.

Animals: Ever see a duck-billed platypus? Marcus has.

Everyday Objects: Marcus Peblo likes pot…the metal cooking kind that is.

Feelings: Watch love pour off your screen.

Foods: Bacon. Enough said.

Funny: Enough to make you laugh. Clean enough to keep you out of trouble.

Numbers: Infinite options you’ll have to see for yourself.

People & Names: From Gary Coleman to the Fonz to Roseanne, Marcus Peblo follows them all.

Places: Gnomes might travel but not as far as Marcus Peblo.

Sounds: Noises of all kinds, drawn.

Textures & Elements: Marcus Peblo’s molecules that matter.

Extraordinary Things: Truly out of this word.

More about the artist:

Who is Marcus?:

With the launch of MarcusWORD, Eric Black has created 17 designs with a limited edition print run of 100 each. The MarcusWORD design is #5 in that collection. You can purchase that at a special price today.

Marcus Word limited edition print



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Keeping It Real
Zarcus Peblo
Thug life is alive and well.
Blowing Bubbles
Marcus Peblo
How big can this bubble get?
The Stripes
Marcus Peblo
We all love bands of color.
The First 7
The first 7 MarcusWORDS, combined into one!
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